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Because I Love Me (and You)

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Hello everybody and welcome to Bite-size Wisdom—the blog that will make you laugh, cry, and learn new tools and strategies to better every aspect of your life. I’m your fun-loving coach and writer, Amanda Turner. In this first article, I’ll introduce myself and take you on the journey that brought me here to you today.

First of all, here’s a little about me:

I’m a young-at-heart mother-of-four who is in the process of discovering and uncovering my purpose and dreams. I’m a certified life and weight loss coach through the Life Coach School established by Brooke Castillo. I’m a huge Jody Moore fan, who first introduced me to the power of Life Coaching (later in this episode I’ll tell you where you can learn more about her). I’m a night owl who struggles going to bed before 11:30 pm, an avid reader whose happy place is the local library, and a LesMills BodyCombat enthusiast who gets a daily dopamine surge from boxing, karate, Muay Thai, kick boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and capoeira. I love dark chocolate and struggle to say no to at least a little sugar before bed. Sometimes I yell at my kids, sometimes I eat to avoid my feelings, and sometimes I am the best version of myself for a whole day. I am a work in progress who sees my future self and moves toward her with purpose.

My journey begins in the Spring of 2019. I was a harried mother of four children 7-years-old and under who was losing herself in the everyday demands and functions of that parental office. The only self-care I granted myself was to spend 90 minutes at the gym flogging my body to make it look the way I thought it should. I felt overwhelmed, depressed, and worthless. I found myself getting easily frustrated by the things my children were doing. I was annoyed by the way I thought my husband was and wasn’t showing up as a husband and father. I felt like a victim in the backseat of my life instead of the driver I wanted to be. And then my sister Jessica introduced me to Jody Moore’s Podcast “Bold New Mom”. After just a few episodes, my eyes were opened to what I was missing all along, myself. I had been ignoring, belittling, and victimizing myself. I signed up for Jody’s life coaching Be Bold program soon after and never looked back.

Fast forward to the present, and I am a full-fledged Life and Weight Loss Coach who is helping other women finally lose the weight, drop their drama around food and parenting, and get a handle on the discouraging stories they are telling themselves about themselves. For so many of you beautiful, hard-working women, you play a story over and over in your minds that you are supposed to come last. That you are supposed to sacrifice your body, mind, and self-worth on the altar of Motherhood. What if I told you it was possible to hear yourself, love yourself, and embrace your dreams all while being the mother you want to be? Can you believe that this is possible? I know that it is because I have lived it.

Everyone’s favorite question at this point is How? How am I going to do this? How am I going to find the time? How can I put myself first when there is so much to do for the little people running around my house? The first step I like to take my clients through is an exercise called “What do you want?” (Sounds tricky, right?). I have you write a list of 25 things that you want or things that you want to do. It can be anything! Little things, big things, crazy ideas, dreams that you’ve dropped, and desires that you’ve hidden away. Once we have that list, I name your top five priorities in order of importance top to bottom. Then comes the exploring! This is my favorite part of the process. We get to take a deep-drive into your brain and explore the woman inside who doesn’t always get a voice. And once we shine a light into some of those dusty corners, we start eliminating what isn’t important or a priority in our lives (too much social media scrolling on the phone, never-ending Netflix sessions, mindless snacking while flipping through Christmas toy advertisements, just to name a few) and start living on purpose.

I love the work of being a life coach. I grow myself while helping others break out of the mom box and stretch their potential farther than they thought possible. I’m excited to bring you this blog and share little bites of wisdom that I’ve learned and even more that I’m discovering every day. See you next time!

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